Entry Points

  I make no apologies when I admit my preferences and soft heart for computer science.  Over the years, no other subject has changed so much in content and pedagogical approach.  It's a terrific computer science teacher who stays on top of all of this. Over the years, there has been no shortage of debate [...]

OTR Links 09/30/2012

How To Make Students Better Online Researchers " We never question the vital importance of teaching literacy, but we have to be mindful that there are many kinds of “literacies”. An ever more important one that ALL teachers need to be aware of is digital literacy. I could go off in many directions on this, [...]

Really Using Web 2.0

This will be a multi-step post of things to do. First, you need to watch this video.  It's not your typical 2 minutes YouTube fare. Hopefully, that's one of the most inspirational 11 minutes you've spent online. So, what are the implications?  After all, you or your school have a website.  It may be just [...]

OTR Links 09/29/2012

Pearltrees Exploring: "pearltrees * Nature Photos http://t.co/PAgCTqGi Images showcase some of the most amazing and picturesque places on the planet. tags: via:packrati.us photo photography nature Our iPhones Are Depleting the Earth's Resources [INFOGRAPHIC] Reading: "Our iPhones Are Depleting the Earth's Resources [INFOGRAPHIC]" ( http://t.co/TC339oFr ) tags: via:packrati.us iphone resources New Guide! Mobile Devices for Learning: [...]

OTR Links 09/28/2012

22 Filmmaking Apps for the iPad & iPhone | FilmmakerIQ.com "For this feature we have rounded up some of the best and most useful Filmmaking Apps that our Deal Leader Steve Jobs has approved for the App Store. As more filmmakers explore the possibilities with these powerful mobile devices, we are sure this list will [...]

Cube Gets Groups

Late this summer, I was invited to test out the new Group feature that Cube for Teachers was incorporating into their excellent resource for Ontario Educators.  I can't believe that it's been almost a year since I reviewed and blogged about the initial release of the online resource.  At the time, there was a concern [...]