Mozilla’s Web Literacy Standards Released

Mozilla has just released its set of Web Literacy Standards and it’s something that everyone who uses the web personally or in the classroom needs to look at and try to understand. Many people are comfortable with just accessing the web and siphoning off what they need for the moment.  But, that’s only part ofContinue reading “Mozilla’s Web Literacy Standards Released”

Life as a Defacer

Or a hacker.  Or a criminal.  Or someone learning HTML. I prefer to think of this as an awesome tool for the last but perhaps a discussion point for the others. I played around with a tool from Mozilla called X-Ray Goggles.  It’s simple to use.  There’s a pile of potential in there for thoseContinue reading “Life as a Defacer”

Badge Me

Seeing Peter McAsh at the ECOO Conference last week jogged me to a blog post that I had started to write but never finished.  That’s on the order today. In our hall closet, there’s a big picture frame and inside there are things from my youth.  Underneath the glass covers are all of the badgesContinue reading “Badge Me”