Digital Citizenship and Creative Content

  I think that many people would like to address the topics of Digital Citizenship and Creative Content and they absolutely should.  I know that we had worked on the concept at my old board and I would provide a link to the resource but it has been taken down.  Working with colleagues, we workedContinue reading “Digital Citizenship and Creative Content”

OTR Links 10/09/2012

Instant Isaac 58 « J2LCOMICS Instant Isaac 58 via @wordpressdotcom American thoughts on Canadian Thanksgiving. tags: Category Archives: Breaking Rules Category Archives: Breaking Rules – via Shareaholic tags: What is Charisma? Can it be Learned? What is Charisma? Can it be Learned? – via Shareaholic tags: The Globe’s advisoryContinue reading “OTR Links 10/09/2012”