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Twitter Like I Do…

Or, probably more likely, someone interesting like Justin Bieber or someone.

With the new changes to the Twitter web interface, it’s easy to do.  Of course, you could always delete all of your own people you follow and then add all that I do but this is easier and quicker!

Just log into your account and go to my profile.

Click on the following tab and select “View as timeline”.  At that point, you’ll see exactly what I would see if I was logged into Twitter using the web interface.  In this case, if you were to do this to me, you’d see …

… this is what you would see if you were logged in as me.  Nothing is revealed; Twitter messages are public and certainly the list of users that I follow is public as well.  But, notice the green.  If I happen to be following someone interesting who catches your eye, you have the opportunity to add that person to your own list of folks you follow.  The webbing gets more sophisticated.

What this should do is make it easier for new people to check out others accounts and build their own collection of interesting people.

The actual URL that does the trick is:!/dougpete/following  An even quicker way to get this to work is to replace the “dougpete” with the Twitter user of your choice.

While you’re doing this sort of thing, take a look at the top right corner.  Twitter has given you the ability, with a single click, to do the same thing for any random person that you’re following.  Interesting, but I did lose interest in it quickly.

At first, it seemed kind of creepy to be able to do this.  But, then I thought it through and the information is all publically available anyway.  Perhaps by looking at how your Twitter heroes work, you’ll become that much smarter yourself?

My first reaction is that I probably won’t use this feature.  But, then again, I said the same thing about the Priority Inbox with Gmail.  I found a use for it and my email is configured to take advantage of it.  I guess I just need to find a reason.

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