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  • The importance of being green

    I didn’t realize until recently that I was having it bad. Years ago, when we were contemplating buying cell phones for all of the administrators for the board, my boss got me a loaner to test the concept with me. He was seriously vested in the Apple world and so I ended up with an… Continue reading

  • More television

    You’ll recall that I was late to the streaming media phenomenon. For the longest of times, we had access only to the slowest of the slow and unreliable internet access. We were paying for 5GB and getting about 3GB, provided the weather was good. Television came by satellite and it had its issues as well.… Continue reading

  • Bizarre crashing

    I’m like many people, I suspect. One of the first things that I’ll do when I get a new device is change the background image. There’s this built-in desire to make the device mine. For some reason, a previous release of Ubuntu came with this background image. It’s an image of a train station… Continue reading

  • Virtual desks

    I’ve been a longtime user of virtual desktops on my computers. It’s my way of trying to stay sort of organized and not get confused with what I’m doing. Or at least minimizing that confusion. Up until now, virtual desktops weren’t available in Chrome OS but a recent release now makes it possible. Here’s how.… Continue reading

  • Try it yourself

    If you’re like me, you probably hear and read a lot about this.  “Chromebooks aren’t real computers”. I always like to challenge back with a why? The answers are typical – it doesn’t run Photoshop.  Or, I’m not always connected to the Internet. So, I’ll add a reply to that – “When was the last… Continue reading