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Bravely searching

When I go searching on the web, I have a number of schemes to help me feel like I’m getting the best results. Note that I’m using the word “feel”. I don’t know if what I do is the best but at least I feel like I’ve given it the ol’ college try.

If I know that I’ve read an article about it previously, my first stop is my Diigo account. Every time I read an article of interest and share it on social media, it’s automatically tucked away there for future use. My logic is that if I’ve read it and found it significant enough, why should I search for it again? After all, the internet is a pretty big place.

For day to day searching, I bounce between Google and DuckDuckGo. DuckDuckGo claims not to follow me around and, as a result, I have this warm feeling that I’m going to get objective, unbiased results. Google, as we know, does follow us around and that can be a first step is zeroing in on results that would be important to me.

Yesterday, it came out that a new search engine has entered the searching realm. This time, it’s from Brave, the organization behind the Brave browser. Its claim is that it doesn’t track you as you navigate online. It claims that it lets you search without a trace, consistent with its message about the browser.

Now that there’s a new player, what to use? It’s going to take some work and some thinking but it’s always nice to have options. I decided to put it to the test with something near and dear to me – “dougpete”. After all, I should be the ultimate judge on the results.




It was interesting to see the results and priorities of each search engine. Of course, the results could have been predicted. My blog and Twitter account would be like shooting fish in a barrel to any decent search enging. So, I kept on scrolling. It’s important to note that there is a connection between Brave search and Bing for results.

At this point in time, I’m still plugging away at it. It’s always nice to have options. Speaking of options, one of the things that should happen is to change the default searching options. That’s pretty easy with most browsers since they do offer a choice. Brave search, being the new player on the block gives you instructions about how to install it as the default search engine here. Or, if you’re actually using the Brave browser, the latest update has it built-in as a selectable option.

Details about Brave Search are available here.


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