It’s been a little learning about new things around here with the announcement from Microsoft about Windows 11 last week. The company shared much information about the upgrade including this one little thing that I’d never heard of but sure stirred up the community. It’s a thing called TPM – Trusted Platform Module. In myContinue reading “TPM”

OTR Links 06/28/2021

The Best of Ontario Educators 7 Daily The Best of Ontario Educators 7 is out! – Special thanks to @luv2teech1 @MeaghanBurden @PatriciaRevel11 #onpoli #onted — tags: IFTTT Twitter My Week Ending 2021-06-27 – doug — off the record My Week Ending 2021-06-27 — tags: IFTTT Twitter The Best of Ontario Educators 6 Daily TheContinue reading “OTR Links 06/28/2021”