It’s a time to listen

Once again, Canadians received a news report about residential schools and the way that the graves of students were treated, this time at Cowessess First Nation. The details just go beyond any sense of reality here.

It’s a time for all First Nations and Canadians people to reflect on just what happened and what it means. To say that it goes beyond my understanding would be an understatement.

The only voices that are important at this time are those of the First Nations people. It’s a difficult time and nothing that we can say is going to help. It is a time for us to listen, truly listen, to those who understand and have been trying to have an audience for years. We need to be listening and understanding the anguish going through those communities.

I’ll admit to being completely floored when I heard about this.

Ontario pastor under fire for comments about ‘good that was done’ by residential schools

There may be an appropriate time for those who operated those schools to step forward. Now is not the time. Now is not the time to put a spin on history. Now is the time to listen.

If something had to be said, it needed to be a message of empathy and the importance of listening to those that are in pain. Yes, an apology was given but the damage was already done.

There is only one action that would be acceptable at this time and that’s formal recognition of what happened and an apology from the top of the church.

Nothing else is appropriate, needed, or wanted.

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