Taming GDPR

When the concept of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was announced, I think most people felt that there would be more openness and safety in web browsing. At least in the European Union.

We’ve all run across those requests for permissions before you visit a website. In the beginning, I was kind of interested in the sites that gave you the most information and asked to see the complete information about what information they were requesting. In some cases, it was a complete deluge of information and quite honestly, I didn’t know most of them.

As time went on, this became annoying. Finally, I decided to do something about it and that’s where I found Consent-O-Matic.

You like websites to respect your right to privacy, and your browser clears cookies when you close it. Consequently, you get the same cookie-consent box each and every time you visit the same websites. And you got tired of submitting the same information over and over. If only there was a way to automate your way out of this pickle? Lucky for you, Consent-O-Matic exists.

Consent-O-Matic is available from the Chrome store here and Mozilla here.

It seems to work as advertised. There comes a time when your mind becomes numb analysing the data that a web site wants to collect and you essentially have to agree to give it up anyway if you want in. Consent-O-Matic takes the mindless clicking of consent away.

If you get tired of giving approvals, you might just find this the answer.

The worst of the worst are the third party cookies and browser developers have given you the option of turning them off in the browser already. If you haven’t checked in a while, you might want to look at your settings to ensure that they are still unallowed.

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