Quicker video digestion

I was exactly yesterday years old when I read an article that put two and two together for me, resulting in instant productivity.

One of my pet peeves is the trend in video these days. It seems like people are trying to create longer videos with the same or less actual content. Typically, they end up front end loading the video with introductions or graphics or background information and it takes far longer to walk away with just what I want from a video.

To date, I’ve had a couple of solutions:

  1. Play the video in the background while I’m doing something in the foreground. Multi-tasking, if you will. Sometimes it even works and I can shift tasks if I catch the video at just the right moment.
  2. Move the scrubber along the video timeline and try to make an educated guess as to where I really want to watch the video.

Quite frankly, I’ve only had limited success with it. This article offered a new way.

How to find specific parts in a YouTube video without having to watch the whole thing

I happened to have that Global TV video I used in my Sunday afternoon post open in a tab and so gave the suggestion a try. The video ends up on the left part of the screen and the transcript on the right.

The transcript is machine generated and so most likely won’t be 100% accurate but it sure was helpful to quickly identify where in the video I would go for a particular part of the discussion.

In my mind, there’s no wondering about this one. I’m definitely adding this to my list of productivity tools. No more fluff and filler for me.

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