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So, if you read the post from yesterday, you probably realized that there was a flaw in that process. Even though Consent-O-Matic gets rid of that extra click in your browser for you, the cookies are still set on your computer.

In some cases, a lot of cookies. Ideally, they are there to improve your browsing experience but let’s face it. Unlike the good ones that remember that you’re logged in and have preferences for a site, they majority of them are used to follow your actions on the internet to “improve your browsing experience” which typically means that a profile is being built to deliver good advertising for you!

Since I do a lot of random news reading in the morning before the dog gets up, I’ve always wondered what my profile actually looks like. “This guy is weird and doesn’t appear to have a pattern.” Is random stuff a pattern?

Often, when I’m following a link or concept and I remember, I’ll open a Private or Incognito Mode window to visit the site knowing that when that window is closed, so are the associated cookies. It is a bit of a kludge if I’m doing a lot of reading so I was pleased when I found a better solution in the form of yet another extension.

Cookie-AutoDelete is a sweet little extension. It does just what its name implies. When you visit a site, cookies are set as per normal but when you move away from that site, the cookies are deleted.

Now, if all it did was the above, it would be frustrating because there are some sites that you visit all the time and it would be helpful just to keep those cookies. You’re covered here; Cookie-AutoDelete allows you to whitelist sites.

Obviously, WordPress is a website that I visit regularly so it only makes sense to Whitelist it to avoid having to log in every time I visit to set a login cookie.

It took me a bit to get the hang of it. Now, it’s like second nature, if I’m visiting an email or social media account, I’ll Whitelist it so that there’s continuity of being logged in. For others that I might visit once just to read the news or something, it’s cleaned out when I leave.

When I first installed the extension, I deleted all the browser cookies to start fresh with the thought that I would just accumulate those from sites that I use regularly and clean the rest.

I do have notifications from the extension enabled; there’s something good about reading a message indicating that a bunch of cookies have been deleted when I leave a site. There may come a time when I find that a bit too noisy and I’ll turn it off but, for the moment, it’s kind of neat to see.

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