How do you …

… throw out a garbage can?

Maybe this is a little different than normal posts but a picture from a year ago came back as one of my memories.

Years and years ago, we decided to buy the last garbage cans that we would ever need. They were really rugged hard plastic Rubbermaid cans. They lasted for years but then eventually started to crack.

As a Canadian, I knew how to fix that … duct tape.

Lots and lots of duct tape, as it turns out. The cracks just kept growing but our local collectors would take them and dump into the truck like they were brand new. Of course, they would knock them a couple of times to make sure that they were empty. This helped the cracks grow.

Eventually, we decided that it was time to get rid of them. We contemplated moving to just garbage bags outside but living in the country means that, after dark, we have visitors.

We decided to bite the bullet and buy a HerbyCurby. That opened a whole new world of discovery because there are the legitimate ones and then there were knock offs. During our morning walks, we watched how these containers were handled. The actual HerbyCurby comes with a metal bar that fits nicely into the back of the truck and all it takes is a push of a button and the container is emptied. The other ones still required a little work and ended up with some banging before being replaced to the curb.

Then came the determining factor. The real HerbyCurby went on sale at the local Home Hardware. It fit nicely into the back of the Jeep and we were now HerbyCurby owners.

The final problem – how do you get rid of a garbage can? After all, the older containers continued to be handled nicely by the local guys on Wednesday mornings.

My wife had the solution and that’s what came up in the memories. We cut up the worst of containers and stuffed it into the best one.

A note taped to the outside sealed the deal. It’s a fitting tribute that it’s done with duct tape.

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