Little help please?

I guess this is a plea for a little bit of help from my learned followers. From 5-6 in the morning, I devote my time to coffee, cereal, and some reading. (Except on Friday mornings)

My go-to reading involves a couple of local news sources and then I’m off to see what’s new in a variety of scenarios. My app for that has been Flipboard where I have over 170 categories that have caught my interest over time. The top group sits on top of the screen.

You can see that I’ve customized it over the years for my interests. There’s a big list that’s available from a waffle menu and “For You” seems to pull top stories from there.

Of course, I enjoy reading stories from all over the world but do try to focus on things Canadian and from Ontario. (One of the other categories not show here included Windsor / Essex County)

I’m nothing, if not fickle, at times.

I recently upgraded the Firefox web browser and once again it was promoting Pocket which it has acquired. It’s got an interesting integration right into the new tab of Firefox.

And to its credit, it does pull some interesting stories but I found that it’s important to check the date as they’re not all recent. I’d like to have some control over what appears, notably Canadian content. I’m hoping that it will learn when I pick Canadian stories so that it will show more of them to me. I hope that they’re random and interesting but from Canada.

How to find those Canadian stories is the next step. There is an option to Explore content and an interesting assortment is provided.

I’m not particularly fond of more of the “C” word that it offers. These topics aren’t selectable permanently; clicking opens a page of content related to the topic. I like that.

But, I’d also like to add the option of giving me Canadian and Ontario stuff. I can’t find it; and to me, that’s a show stopper for making this a permanent place for morning reading.

Now, I’m honest enough to let you know that I’ll accept humility if someone could come forward and tell me how to configure it for what I’m looking for. I like the integration into the browser but to be honest, I still have a tab open and devoted to Flipboard for my daily motivation.

Little help here?

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3 thoughts on “Little help please?

  1. Occasionally I will click on a few of the articles suggested via Pocket there. I usually check the original source and date after I noticed they aren’t always recent. If I do share the articles, I search for the original source/link and share it from there. It seems quite topic focused. I have yet to figure out if the suggestions are “tailored” for me. Let you know if I find a more local option there.


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