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November 22, 2020

  • My Week Ending 2020-11-22

    Here’s a summary of some of the things I learned and published this week. Readings  You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Below are a selected few, with commentary, from the past week. Sunday Some tips here to get rid of your information on Google. Of course, the moment you do anything else… Continue reading

  • Whatever happened to …

    … metal valve stem caps? It got really cold here this past week. That was before it got really warm again and today it’s back on its way down. It isn’t difficult to get a cold in Essex County. Anyway, as a result of the weather, the low tire pressure light came on on my… Continue reading

  • OTR Links 11/22/2020

    The Best of Ontario-Educators Daily The best of ontario-educators daily is out! Stories via @Laurier @tdsb @TJGoertz #harvardhealth #piacreadysetengage — tags: IFTTT Twitter Ontario Educators 6 Daily The latest Ontario Educators 6 Daily! Thanks to @GravelleLise @Sharkfanupnorth @eccerheinheimer #controlaltachieve — tags: IFTTT Twitter The Best of Ontario-Educators 5 Daily The latest The Doug… Continue reading