Maine and Nebraska

I’m impressed again with the power of being connected to smarter people than me.

As I, like so many, remain riveted to the American election results, it stuck out to me as a sore thumb that the state of Nebraska wasn’t red or blue indicating where the states’ electoral votes would go but was rather striped. What’s up with that?

I started to do some searching for it but was having difficulty in framing the question to my search engine so I took an easier route. I asked my educator network. After all, I have many American friends and one would take pity on this naive Canadian.

It was actually a learned Canadian that was first to the post and sent me a link to this article.

Why Do Maine and Nebraska Split Their Electoral Votes?

So, thanks to Dean Sharesky for sharing the answer.


Maine? I took another look at the map and went to the CNN website where you could build your own election results.

Son of a gun. Maine is indeed striped. Maybe the television personalities were blocking it when it was shown live.

Regardless, I read the article to determine the reason for the stripes. It’s interesting that a country can vote for a President but do it differently depending upon the state you’re from.

Now I know and my learning network gets all the credit. If it ever comes up in a future trivia event, I’m now armed.


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