Not now but soon

There is a new feature in the latest version (86) of the Google Chrome browser that you might enjoy. I know that I’ve always had a workaround, typically by installing an extension. Even worse, I’ve been known to leave the tab open in my browser hoping that I’ll get around to reading it later.

The newest version is built right into the browser albeit as one of the experiments indicating that it may not necessarily end up as a permanent feature although it’s hard to believe that it won’t.

You enable it by going to http://chrome://flags/ and flip the switch on “Read Later”. It does require a browser reload to kick in.

This adds a new feature that you can access by right clicking on the tab that you want to save to read later. Just select “Read tab later”.

The tab closes and goes away and your bookmark bar now features an option labelled “Reading List” at the right of the bookmarks bar.

Select the Reading list and there is your reading, nicely tucked away.

Select the tab that you want to read, it’s restored and away you go. It isn’t automatically removed from your Reading List; it’s just moved to the bottom and a page that you’ve read. In the meantime, your browser uses less resources since it doesn’t have to keep the tab active.

If you really are done with the tab, when you highlight the article, a little X appears to let you remove the tab from your Reading List.

Easy peasy and I’m finding it pretty slick. Hopefully, it remains as a permanent feature to the browser. (And, others replicate it)


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