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  • New browser for my Chromebook

    Every morning around 5am, I sit down in the rec room and watch the morning news and try to do some learning while reading stories on Flipboard. I’ve done it for years. I open my Chromebook and head to the Flipboard tab. The “For You” tab has a great collection typically and then I’ll head… Continue reading

  • Cookie management

    So, if you read the post from yesterday, you probably realized that there was a flaw in that process. Even though Consent-O-Matic gets rid of that extra click in your browser for you, the cookies are still set on your computer. In some cases, a lot of cookies. Ideally, they are there to improve your… Continue reading

  • Taming GDPR

    When the concept of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was announced, I think most people felt that there would be more openness and safety in web browsing. At least in the European Union. We’ve all run across those requests for permissions before you visit a website. In the beginning, I was kind of interested… Continue reading

  • Little help please?

    I guess this is a plea for a little bit of help from my learned followers. From 5-6 in the morning, I devote my time to coffee, cereal, and some reading. (Except on Friday mornings) My go-to reading involves a couple of local news sources and then I’m off to see what’s new in a… Continue reading

  • Private relay

    Man, this is a utility that I could have used a long time ago and still wish I could use it today. Today, it would be nice for all teachers to have access as well. How many times have you signed up for a newsletter, download a piece of software, or wanted access to a… Continue reading