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If you missed it and are concerned about anyone that might want to influence the upcoming Canadian election, I would highly recommend watching this archive of W5.

The episode was called Dirty Tricks/Family Secrets. Actually a couple of contemporary issues worth trying to wrap your head around.


I think that we’re all aware of the issues with the past United States election and how advertising was thought to influence the election. I’m not terribly worried about it personally because:

  • I have an advertising blocker enabled in my browsers. (I will admit turning them off periodically or using a Private Window to see what actually would happen if I wasn’t blocking them)
  • Even if I see an advertisement, I don’t pay a great deal of attention to them.

At the same CTV that shows W5, there is a very interesting area called “Political Ads Registry“. Here, you will find advertising that has been registered with Bell Media.

CBC Radio has their registry here.

Global Television News has their registry here.

They’re good spots to do some research for checking an advertisement that you might have seen, or to find verified advertisements if you’re looking for some media to discuss media literacy surrounding the election.

The full details about advertising are available here on the Elections Canada website.

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