Children’s books

When I read about this, I immediately thought of this …

The news?

The Library of Congress has digitized 70 original children’s books and made them available on its website.

This is phenomenal!

It’s not like we are experiencing a shortage of children’s books. But, it’s something extra special to see these books in their original format. I’ve been working my way through them and quite enjoying the content, but also getting an insight into society from days gone by.

For example, Denslow’s Humpty Dumpty.

Each page is beautifully digitized and made available via a reader. Zoom in and out to catch all of the detail. An alternative is to download them in PDF format.

But more importantly, try to imagine how these books describe society from them and wonder how they would play today.

The books are now old enough that they’re in the public domain which makes all of this possible.

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