Visualising things

How often do you need to visualise something to make a point or to summarise your findings? Traditionally, you’ll turn to a spreadsheet or a graphics program and then get to work.

For a small project, you might find the Data Gif Maker helpful.

There aren’t a great deal of options but if you need a quick GIF to do the job, this might be helpful for you.

There are three output options – Rectangles, Circles, or a Racetrack.

To test it out, I figured that it might be interesting to look at temperatures for this week. The Weather Network was my source for the date.

Entering the data was very intuitive…

Determine the type of data and start entering. A preview is good to see your data in action and then save it when you want to keep a copy.

This isn’t going to be your forever visualisation tool but might be a quick and intuitive way to whip something up.

Where could you use something like this?

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  1. Doug, I wonder if this might be helpful in some math classes as a way to display data. I’ll need to take s closer look.



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