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How high?

You see this sort of visualization on the news whenever there’s a story about flooding or climate change. Given the current weather rainy condition, it’s an appropriate time to take a look at “Flood Map“.

When you visit the first time, don’t be too concerned yet. At a water level of 397 metres, we’d all be in serious trouble.

Zero in on the location that you wish to explore. In my case, I did some research as to my exact location but there are quick picks for various cities. That was the easiest way to go so I chose Windsor.

Now it gets interesting when you start to experiment with the Water Level values.

There are all kinds of provocations that come to mind just messing around locally. Of course, the concept is more than just local. Explore some of the places in the news. Or some of the traditionally very low cities – New Orleans comes immediately to mind.

I’m the first one to admit that I’m out of my academic element here but the exploration is intriguing. We have low areas in the county near Leamington and particularly the Hillman Marsh. As a result of the recent rains, roadways in that area have been flooded and consequently closed. I can now visualize how it happens.


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