Unringing a bell

From the title of this post, you can probably realize that I watch too much “Law and Order” on television.  It’s a reference to something a lawyer or witness says something and someone would like the jury to forget they heard it.  But, they can’t in the same way you can’t unring a bell.

Today is Elections Day in Ontario.  For my out of the province readers, we have four political parties in Ontario – Conservative, Green, Liberal, and New Democratic Party.  On the political spectrum, I often tell my US friends that all the parties are further left thinking that either their Republicans or Democrats.

I live in a relatively new riding, having only had two different MPPs in recent history.  We’re currently represented by the New Democratic Party and it’s likely that will continue.  In fact, Taras Natyshak should be in line for a cabinet position should the NDP form the next government.

In terms of the election itself, I figure that there are two huge areas for government spending – health care and education.  You normally expect that both issues would be well talked about during the campaign.  Unfortunately, there hasn’t been all that much.  More of the focus has been on the leaders involved.  What do you do in this day and age?  Turn to the Internet of course.


There are bits and pieces and hints of changes to education in the Conservative and New Democratic Party platforms.

I also turned to media mogul Paul McGuire Responses to Education Election Issues: Are we creating the optimum learning environment for our students?

There are big, bigger issues identified here than are addressed by the political parties.  Are they just afraid to take them on?  Or at least having an opinion on them?

It’s a shame that not one of the parties have seen issues as presented to and by Paul via his online survey.

So what are some of the big issues?

School safety and mental health are related issues. There are several comments on the need for better mental health supports in schools and for the need to protect students and staff from violent outbursts. The safety of students and current class sizes comes into this. One respondent wrote that they did not feel that having potentially 36 students in a kindergarten class was safe for their child.

I think you could wrap all this into one overall issue – the quality of care in the classroom. Do we have enough support for children in our schools and are we creating the optimum learning environment for our students? Are schools really equipped to adequately deal with mental health challenges and the complex needs of children?

Why aren’t they addressed?  The bell has certainly been rung to get us to where we are today.  Are they all admitting that they can’t unring that bell?

I hope that you take the time to think through all of the issues that are important to you and make sure that you get out and vote today.

I will be.



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