Data makes soccer interesting

I’m not a real fan of soccer although with all that’s going on in the #WorldCup18, I may be in the minority.  Yesterday, I did happen to watch a bit of the Nigeria / Argentina game.  If you were to believe the commentators, it was life and death for Argentina and, at the end of the game watching the Argentinian fans go wild really let me know that there are a lot of people who really a soccer fans.

I am, however, a fan of data and the story that it can tell.  It can leave to some wonderful visualization.  You can see it in this dashboard shown on Tableau Public.


The visualization certainly is more than just this one game.  In fact, there’s a pull down that takes you into any of the groups and then into any of the games.

Are you looking for another type of visualization?  The public gallery is just full of interesting explores.

But, of course, we’re just observers here.  There is another side.  Create an account and you’re off and able to create your own.

Will you?

OTR Links 06/28/2018

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