Gnome tossing

Google has hooked me again.

But first.

Last night, Jaimie and I were walking the Navy Yard Park as we always do in the evenings and there were these groups of 3 or 4 young ladies.  They were walking around looking here and looking there for things on a sheet of paper that one of them was carrying.  Jaimie looked at me – “they’re on a scavenger hunt”.

One of the groups stopped us and said that they needed to get a picture with a dog and asked if Jaimie is friendly and would I mind.  Well, not only is Jaimie is friendly but I’ll swear he smiles when he knows he’s on camera.

The questions continued – where could they find a pine cone?  where could they find a clock?  where could they find a frog playing a violin?  The last one stumped us at the moment.  I knew that we had seen it a million times in our walks but do you think I could remember?  One of them said; maybe it’s like one of those gnome things that people put in gardens.  Off they went to find it.

Now, as it would happen, Google’s recent Doodle is devoted to garden gnomes.

If that wasn’t a coincidence that requires a blog post, I don’t know what is.  Off I went and played the game.  All you need is a space bar!  (or a mouse button)

Start with the default gnome (you get to choose more later)

Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 09.34.09

Click your space bar.  The goal will be obvious.

Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 07.21.04

Screenshot 2018-06-11 at 07.20.16

OK, way too much time was spent on this and my space bar is feeling the brunt of it.

Beyond the game, there’s a little physics involved plus a link that will let you learn more about gnomes than you ever thought you might.


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