Go adventuring (and coding and thinking)

If the words

  • Go North
  • Look Up
  • Open Door
  • Save Game

make sense to you, you just might be a long time gamer.

You see, before there was Fortnite, there were games that were not quite as graphical.  You played the game in your mind.  It was text based.

Of course, I’m talking about Zork and the family of games that fell from its premise.  At a command line, you entered commands to interact with the game on your computer.  It needed you to visualize exactly what type of world you were in and what sort of things that you might be able to do.

If this appeals to you or you’re just nostalgic, you might enjoy a look at Adventuron.

When you get going, you play in split screen – with the game on the right.


You even get the large text characters that will also remind you of the TRS-80 Colour Computer, Apple II, or even the Commodore 64!

How’s that for a blast from the past.

But, it gets more interesting when you look at the left screen.


There’s the code to what you’re playing.

Now, that serves a number of purposes.

  1.  If you’re a reader of code, you can track just where you are in the game and “cheat” by seeing the possible interactions
  2. Coding is more than just dragging and dropping blocks
  3. The code is modifiable
  4. The code is very well documented.  This is a big issue with me

So, in addition to going back to playing in this environment, there’s a whole computational thinking and understand element to the code.  Click the more (…) and you’ll see that you can really go the distance with this project.  Read more here.

As I played this and read the documentation, I remembered some students I had in a computer science class that decided they were going to write a game of their own.  They learned a whole lot about mapping, parsing instructions, user interface, the need for really good help documentation, infallible logic, and so much more.

After you enjoy this, bookmark it for later reference.  I’ll bet that you can think of all kinds of application for it.

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