New look

This isn’t something for everyone but I was intrigued.

Rumours have been going around about a new look for the Google Chrome browser.  Of course, you can always apply themes to keep the look fresh.  Right now, I use the theme “Android for Google Chrome” just because it’s kind of dark-ish and green.  It fits nicely into the way things look on my computer.  I’m really a fan of dark looking things.  I find it’s easy on the eyes.

For the Chrome browser, like many people, I think the silver? look out of the box is kind of blah so have spiced it up a bit.

So, with the announcement that things might be changing, it was kind of interesting to see that a new interface is on the way.  And, by the way, you can play with it right now.

Just type chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md into your address bar.  Pay attention to the warnings and note where the “Reset” button is if you want to change back easily.

The setting here talks about ways to look at the new interface.

Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 06.48.51

My first curiosity took me to “Touchable” since it might just be the thing that would be helpful with a Chromebook with touch screen.

Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 06.49.05

The first result I noticed is a wider spread screen.  That looks interesting for people with fat fingers trying to navigate the screen.  I was expecting a wider, more functional scroller on the right but it wasn’t there…yet.

Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 07.01.16

But, you’ll also notice a rounded look to the URL bar.

My first reaction is always that it looks somehow “newer” although the functionality remains the same.  I liked how it collected overflow tabs.  (Why do I have so many tabs open anyway?)  Speaking of new tabs, there’s a more intuitive way to add a new tab with Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 07.15.40.

It’s an interesting look into the minds of the developers to show us what’s on the way.  I think that the various toggles would make for an interesting discussion in a computer science or any design course.  Compare the various layouts and discuss the implications.  Keep in mind that the important people are those who will ultimately use it.  What do they need for functionality and productivity.

I’m not sure that “touchable” is for me, at this time.  I like to have as much readable space on the screen as possible (I don’t normally show bookmarks, for example).

Fortunately, I have lots of other alternatives!

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