Whatcha presenting?

Like many people in the province, I was waiting pins and needles to find out if the session that I proposed for the Bring IT, Together conference in November would be accepted.

Screenshot 2018-06-05 at 11.16.40

I happened to see Lisa Cranston announcing that she was accepted as she let the world (or at least her connected part of it) know.

Then, I got my own email.  I was accepted.

I got a Slack message from Peter McAsh.  His session was accepted.

I wonder who else.

Please check in here via comment.

Did you get accepted?

What’s your presentation about?

Even if you’re not presenting, now is the time to get that application in for permission to attend the conference.  There just might be opportunities available in the budget as this school year ends.

Take a principal, a superintendent or a colleague with you.  The bigger the group; the more effective the learning.

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