Whatever happened to …

… patches?

I feel so badly for today’s youth.

Last night, as Jaimie and I were taking our evening walk through the Navy Yard, we kept noticing teenagers walking around.  Most disturbing were the rips and tears in their blue jeans.

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I actually had a pair of blue jeans that ended up with a rip right at the right knee.  I blame it on the keys while driving the car.  They hang down, rub and I think they just rubbed through the denim.

Anyway, they end up being discarded.  Blue jean wearers will know the feeling when you lose a favourite pair.  You’ve got to break in a new set.

But, back when I was a kid, I would have had a solution for today’s impoverished teens.

My mom used to buy iron on patches that would go over the rips in the knee that inevitably would show up.  At the time, I think I probably had two pair of jeans that would be worn to school and then the hard work of play after school.  In addition, we had our good pants for going to church on Sunday.  That’s probably my pants story in a nutshell.

Jokingly, I said to my wife “Can we get a patch for my jeans?”.  I then got the look and comments.

  • Where would I even begin to find a patch?
  • You would look like a jerk.
  • Just go to Walmart and buy another pair.

I did the last option and am working on breaking in a new pair.  It’s not going well.

For a Sunday, I hope this brought you a smile and a memory you could share with us.

  • Did you ever wear patches on your jeans?
  • How long should a pair of jeans actually last?
  • Lees?  Levis?  Wranglers?  Marks?  Calvin Klein?  Do you have a brand loyalty?
  • Did you ever or do you wear a suit jacket with patches on the elbows for the university professor look?  (I had one when I started teaching; the kids weren’t fooled)
  • Would you ever wear blue jeans as part of your outfit if you were going somewhere formal?
  • How long do you figure the current ripped or distressed jean fashion will last?

Please have some fun with this and share your thoughts via comment below.

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9 thoughts on “Whatever happened to …”

  1. What about turning them into jean shorts? This is what my mom always used to do. Maybe not patching, but not discarding either. Or today, that rip may actually be stylish (and not just for teenagers). Some people buy ripped jeans. Expensive brands are selling them (like Seven) and even adults are buying them. You could have at least sold them on eBay for a few hundred dollars. 🙂

    Good luck breaking in your new jeans! Never an easy task … Thanks again for the walk down memory lane … and a few laughs along the way! (The conversation with your wife made me giggle.)


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  2. The iron on patches are still sold at Fabricland. I’ve resorted to sewing patches on the pants of my 5 year old. 🙂 He thinks it’s awesome!

    Like Aviva mine were always cut into shorts.

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  3. thanks, Aviva. Truth be known, the jeans had pretty much had the biscuit so the shorts option would only be prolonging the inevitable.

    Thanks also for my new learning. This fashion plate (not! You’ve seen how I dress) had never heard of Seven.

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  4. Another vote for cutting them into shorts. The cuffs were frayed or the knees worn out long before I was ready to part with my Levi red tabs.

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  5. As everyone’s mentioned, “cut offs” were cool at a time when normal shorts weren’t.

    GWGs were almost as cool as Levi’s and didn’t go through the ‘fake news’ scandal of people ripping off the red tab for a non-existent rebate at the store.

    If the rip in the jeans or good pants was small enough Mom would put the patch on the inside of the leg or butt so you wouldn’t even see it!

    And of course, there were the designer patches that you could buy that would actually add to the fashionableness of your old jeans or jean jacket. Moms were allowed to put those patches on. You had to put them on yourself.

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  6. The kids buy the pants pre-ripped. It drives me crazy. I remember patching my jeans when I was younger. There wasn’t money to just buy new pants.

    BTW I also don’t like the faded jeans look. Give me dark blue every time.


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