My Week Ending April 1, 2018


Readings (You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  1. I’m not sure that all of these annoyances annoy all Chromebook users.  But, a couple of the ideas gave me some relief.  In particular, the overlay scrollbars did bug me.  Various operating systems handle them differently.  I’ve never printed from my Chromebook so took a pass on that.  Still, there are some good tips there for people who like to tinker.
  2. You can’t throw a rock but hit a story dealing with something about Facebook recently.  Some of the best come from the pens of very talented cartoonists.  I wonder how many of these end up being in presentations about privacy?
  3. I like it when people take the time to write blog posts about the extensions that they use to manage the web in their browsers.  Often I’ll get new ideas or an affirmation that what I’m doing is a good thing.  The best is when I believe that I have a better solution than the ones offered.  It’s a reminder that there are so many different ways to manage your browser and there is no one size fits all.
  4. Often, people feel like they need a challenge to make a change.  In this link, Lighthouse Labs offers a 21 day challenge to get you coding.  Will you accept the challenge?  I like that it’s a bit different than some of the other coding things.  This one deals with Javascript.
  5. The ECOO Featured Blogger series highlights Ontario Educational bloggers in a unique way – a bio and then five of their favourite blog posts.  This time, the selected five came from Andrew Campbell.
  6. When I read this, I thought – ya ya ya – another tablet.  Then, I re-read and got the message.  This isn’t an iPad or an Android tablet – it’s a Chrome OS tablet.  With a built-in stylus, isn’t this what the others should be?  When I think about it, it only makes sense.  If we’re going to talk about Tablets and creativity, shouldn’t they all have a stylus by default?
  7. I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t overly impressed by the new iPad announcement.  I wonder if Apple is doing their best to understand the reaction from the potential purchasing audience?  Maybe they should ask Facebook.
  8. I’m still no closer to fully understanding Bitcoin.  But, this article did help.
  9. Sadly, #twioe didn’t make the list of Educational Hashtags that you should be following.  <sad face>  Still, it is a good list of others.
  10. I thought that this was an interesting site.  I tried it twice, once on my computer and another time on a phone and it didn’t get my name.  So, I figured it was perhaps a scam.  At the end, you get the option to share to Facebook or Twitter.  I’m guessing that if you do that, it will get your name perfectly next time so I avoided it.   However, two of my friends were creeped out when it did name them.  So, there must be something to it that I missed.


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Technology Trouble Shooting


Overlay Scrollbar – This was a big win for me from the article above.  On my Chromebook when set in HD resolution, I could barely even make them out.  I applied the recommendation above, rebooted, and I love it.  The bizarre thing though is that I don’t actually pull or push on it with my cursor; I just have two fingers on the trackpad all the time I’m scrolling.  I basically use it as a visual indicator as to how far through the article I am.

Weekly Challenge – It’s a stupid little thing that doesn’t matter much in the big scheme of things.  The little golden cap has come off the bottom of my Waterman pen.

Why it doesn’t matter? – I never use the pen.

Why it matters? – Broken things bug me.  If they’re broken badly enough, they just get discarded.  But I know how much this pen is worth so I just can’t bring myself to throw it away.  I also keep it on the ledge of my computer desk so that I don’t forget it.  The problem is that I fool around with it when I’m talking to Stephen Hurley on the radio show.  Yes, folks, Doug has issues.


Video of the Week – Squeeze Box from The Who

An ear worm courtesy of Sheila Stewart who suggested the song as one to consider for Saturday’s post.  It also has to qualify for best sketchnote in a rock video.

My Favourite Photo Badge This Week

I love old movies.  Yesterday, I was treated on TCM to a Tarzan movie with Johnny Weissmuller and last night, placed between Passover and Easter Sunday, The Ten Commandments.  I’m impressed with how well both were restored for television.  The Ten Commandments would certainly gain questions today about the actors selected.

Anyway, as I always do when watching the movie, I went to Google Maps to get the exact location of Mount Sinai and was surprised to see Waldo sticking to the side of the screen.  It was Google’s April 1 gift to us – Find Waldo and his friends.  So, I played while watching the movie.  Fortunately, the movie is four hours and forty-four minutes.  But, I got them all, including the hidden sixth level and earned this badge.

Along the way, I learned that it’s Wally in the UK.



Thanks for reading.


Whatever happened to …

… Easter Eggs?

It was an annual event at our house.  My mom would boil the eggs (my brother and I weren’t allowed to) and then we’d get one of those dipping packages from the store to make our eggs.  I remember that they came with a little metallic egg holder so that you could dig them into this warm pan of colouring and basically you’d end up with one end coloured one colour and the other another colour.  There was a science lesson in there when the two colours collided in the middle.

We made quite a few of these in a sitting and, fortunately, my dad liked eating hard boiled eggs.  Nobody else in the family did, although bizarrely we liked egg salad sandwiches.  Go figure.

But the real highlight was going through the house looking for hidden chocolate eggs.  Hopefully, you remember the types – nicely wrapped in very thin brightly coloured tin foil.  There always one big chocolate rabbit or chicken for my brother and I.  It happened every year and then it was off to Sunday church service on a sugar high.

There did come a time when we stopped making the hard boiled eggs and went straight to the chocolate.  At recent trips to Sobey, Walmart, and the dollar store, it was impossible to find egg dipping kits.  (I’ll confess to not looking at all hard).  My wife, this year, found a “recipe” on Facebook that involved vinegar, Cool Whip, and food colouring.  But Cool Whip isn’t the only solution – on Channel 4 from Detroit last week, there was story about using shaving cream instead.   Their advice was to use the real shaving cream instead of “shaving cream gel”.  Their advice, not mine.  Either way, the results are psychodelic coloured eggs.  Cute, but I see a lot of egg peeling and eating in my future.  We’re branching out in a new direction around here this year hiding coins in plastic eggs in addition to the chocolate (advice from a friend)

Around here, if you’re not into any of the above, there are community based egg hunting events, including one for dogs that only costs $10.  (Would he even know?)

For a Sunday, what are your thoughts about Easter Eggs?

  • Do you celebrate Easter?
  • If you don’t celebrate Easter, do you celebrate the sugary part of it?
  • What kind of egg dying memories do you have?
  • Do you still do the traditional egg or do you go straight to the chocolate?
  • White chocolate or milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
  • Do you have rules about how high from the floor or in what rooms the eggs are hidden?
  • How do you explain how the Easter bunny got into your house?  The same way Santa did?
  • Have you ever hidden chocolate eggs for an Easter egg hunt only to find them days later ungathered?
  • How many times did my computer identify “colour” as a spelling mistake?

Do ahead and have some fun with this.  I’d love to read your responses.

This is part of a regular Sunday series and all the posts are available here.  If you have an idea for a post, please leave it in the Whatever Happened to … Padlet with my thanks.

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