My Week Ending April 29, 2018


Readings (You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  1. I find this fascinating that the Canada / US border goes right down the middle of town.  Also this.  I try to visualize how this would work.  It would be rough on a dog walker because you always walk facing traffic.  I sometimes forget to take my phone with me right now.  How much trouble would I be in if I forgot my password or Jaimie’s vaccination record because I might start in one country but have to return in another!
  2. So, people love memes, I guess.  Could this be the first one ever?
  3. Cartoons so often show deeper messages than pictures and certainly we question anything that’s in print these days.  Is technology our overlord?  It’s tough to disagree when you truly wonder about things that you do, not because it’s intuitive to you, but because technology dictates that it’s done in a particular way.
  4. This is a magazine that my mother forbid me to read.  So, I had to always search out alternative ways to do so.  I loved Spy vs Spy and the foldable back cover.  This article launched me on a search to revisit a bunch of these things.  Where would we be without the Internet?
  5. A reminder that nothing, including Gmail, is perfect.  I checked my sent messages, as suggested, and noticed nothing out of the ordinary.  Could it be related to the release of the new Gmail interface released this week?
  6. It’s a fascinating read and interesting to think of a time when forts and fortresses were a required building for defense.  Such a mistake would never occur these days as engineers would whip out their phones and check exactly where they are with Google Earth.
  7. Is there anyone who doesn’t hope that things don’t work out between North and South Korea?
  8. Technology can add so much to lessons when in the hands of expert teachers.  So, why not indigenous studies?
  9. I hope that cooler minds can find a solution to making Ontario competitive with harness racing again.  There was a time when we had a great deal of small harness racing tracks and it was a nice outing for families.  With big betting factories, the whole feeling has changed.  Sadly, many tracks have shut down.
  10. You can never have enough good manners.  This is an interesting take on “My Pleasure” versus “You’re Welcome”.


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Technology Trouble Shooting

Construction – There’s no amount of technology that will help you through a construction zone!  When I drove to London yesterday for the EdCampLdn, both my car and Google Maps on my phone agreed that Wonderland was the desired route.  Google shows traffic in real time and when I left home, it reported smooth sailing.  What technology didn’t know was that, at 5:30, the construction workworkers hadn’t started yet.  There were a couple of construction zones to raise your blood pressure but I still got there on time.  I would have liked to have been there earlier to chat longer with people.

A New Opera – I was excited to download the new “one-handed” browser for Android Opera this week.  The “Flow” feature sends tabs nicely to the desktop.  At this point, it doesn’t seem to support the swiping keyboard feature that I’ve been accustomed to with other Android applications.  I feel like an iPhone user having to tap-tap-tap characters.  Voice input works nicely though.  Maybe that’s the ultimate goal for input?


Video of the Week – Talking in your sleep

I missed including this video in This Week in Ontario Edublogs.  I went with Crystal Gayle but Stephen closed with this Gordon Lightfoot classic.

My Favourite Photo This Week


I call this “The Dog Walker’s Dilemma”.  It doesn’t look like much here; just a nice bridge over a little river but check out the left side.  There is no room to the left of the white line for a dog and walker.  So, if there’s a vehicle coming from behind and a vehicle coming at you, you best not be trapped half way across that bridge!



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Whatever happened to …

… Dreamweaver?

Or FrontPage or Netscape Composer for that matter.

Hands up if you remember the expression “Real developers use Notepad”.

We’re going way back in the history of development of tools on the web here.  We did indeed use Notepad to develop website (after a crash course of learning HTML tags) and then FTPed them into place.  It wasn’t the most elegant by today’s standards but it worked well.  You had the power over every step.  Arguably, websites were better back then because you focused on the content and not necessarily throwing in the latest bells and whistles or elements of user design.  It was just content.

In education, like the rest of the world that would develop for the web, there was a desire to do more.  I was on the OSAPAC Committee that licensed Macromedia’s Dreamweaver.  It set a new standard for the Western RCAC because Macromedia wanted to do a full-day workshop on the use of the product and we complied.  It was PD for us and was a nice change from always designing PD for others.  Of course, Adobe ended up acquiring the product and the web got more colourful and interactive simply because we had better tools.  Let’s not get off on a Flash tangent here though.

Things certainly have changed.  Most developers have gone on to different tools whether it be WordPress or Joomla or Google Sites or any of the development tools available.  Unless you want, you really don’t have to look behind the code that makes it all happen.  I’m writing this in WordPress which does have a switch to HTML tab so I can see what make it all work.  For the most part, I don’t have to; the editor is just that good.  There is the odd time though where a switch to looking at the raw code is handy.  You know what they say “a pixel here, a pixel there”.

What are your thoughts for a Sunday?

  • Did you ever create a webpage with a humble text editor?
  • Did you ever use a tool specifically designed for web creation like Dreamweaver, FrontPage or Composer?
  • Perhaps you have a different tool?
  • How about today?  What’s your “publish to the web” tool?
  • Are you fluent in Javascript?
  • Do you consider HTML a programming language?
  • How about CSS?

I’d be interested in your answers.  Even if you’re not a developer with a fondness for developing with a text editor, if you have a web presence, you use something.  Tell us about it.  Use this post as a way to advertise the link to your content if you wish.

This post is part of a regular Sunday series that can be accessed here.

I’m not above a little crowd sourcing.  If you have an idea for a post, please share it here.

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