My Week Ending April 22, 2018


Readings (You can follow my daily readings as they happen here.  Here are a selected few from the past week.)

  1. I know that dark themes are designed to be easy on the eyes in dim light.  I like using them in bright daylight as I seem to be able to read content better there.  But, in medium light, I prefer light themes to see.  What to do?  Here are 30 Android applications with dark themes.
  2. This is another one of those posts where I can immediately put a person’s face to the descriptor.  In this case, it’s secrets of librarians.
  3. I’ll be sad if Google decided to kill off Inbox.  Earlier versions or this alternatives to Gmail didn’t work all that well for me.  With each update to Inbox though, I started to get the hang of it and the software got better.  It’s now the way that I access my Google Mail.  My wish list includes being able to use them it with a skin.  Maybe a nice dark one?
  4. Great advice here as in many things.  There are contributors and then there are people who don’t really do so.  Who would YOU hire?
  5. If you’re doing a presentation and want to talk about the jobs that our students might be getting in the future, you might find this list helpful.
  6. From the folks at Edublogs, this is an interesting and insightful list of ways that schools are using Blogs and WordPress in schools.  It seems to me that this is a really positive trend.  I’ve seen school boards get sold a bill of goods and got to alternative things and regret it.
  7. It was a bizarre event around here when an earthquake hit just a couple of roads over.  I was impressed with the amount of information that was publically available within minutes.
  8. Yes, it’s been a bizarre bit of weather recently.  Now this.  Microsoft contributing to the betterment of Google Chrome.
  9. A river street runs through it.  Even though we share the longest, friendliest border in the world with the United States, there are some interesting challenges.  In this case, the international border runs through the centre, er, center of a street.  Very interesting stories are told and you’ll want to check out Streetview for yourself.
  10. As a Computer Science person, I found this list of popular languages interesting.  I’m able to write code in a few of them but certainly not all.  It would be fun to bring it into a Computer Science classroom and write the mandatory “Hello World” program to show the differences.


Blog Posts on doug … off the record


voicEd Radio

My on demand page can be found here.  The latest edition features blog posts from:


Technology Trouble Shooting

That stupid @ – I still don’t know why, but when I copy the Twitter names into the post above, they always appear at @.  My new approach will be to just delete the character altogether.

Theme of the Week – I finally found a theme that I think will have a little legs here for me.  It’s called “Android for Google Chrome“.  I’m not a fan of defaults.

  • I do like a dark theme and I like how the tabs are grey-ish and the active tab is black.
  • Android Green really pops with a black background.  I like it.

I just used “like” like three times.


Video of the Week – How to locate an epicenter

There’s nothing like an earthquake hitting close to home to make you want to learn more about them.  Hopefully, this doesn’t generate negative opinions.

My Favourite Photo This Week
Coming down our concession road, this is what the car driver sees.

But, this is what the dog walker sees.  Keep in mind that you walk facing the traffic so you see the back  of the sign.



I think it’s awesome that we recycle signs in this way and so timely.  What I don’t get is that Bruce Ave and Wyandotte St are in Windsor!  Did we go to an auction or something?

It’s a great couple of pictures to celebrate Earth Day though.


Thanks for reading.


Whatever happened to …

… patches?

I feel so badly for today’s youth.

Last night, as Jaimie and I were taking our evening walk through the Navy Yard, we kept noticing teenagers walking around.  Most disturbing were the rips and tears in their blue jeans.

Photo Credit: MrLongBG Flickr via Compfight cc

I actually had a pair of blue jeans that ended up with a rip right at the right knee.  I blame it on the keys while driving the car.  They hang down, rub and I think they just rubbed through the denim.

Anyway, they end up being discarded.  Blue jean wearers will know the feeling when you lose a favourite pair.  You’ve got to break in a new set.

But, back when I was a kid, I would have had a solution for today’s impoverished teens.

My mom used to buy iron on patches that would go over the rips in the knee that inevitably would show up.  At the time, I think I probably had two pair of jeans that would be worn to school and then the hard work of play after school.  In addition, we had our good pants for going to church on Sunday.  That’s probably my pants story in a nutshell.

Jokingly, I said to my wife “Can we get a patch for my jeans?”.  I then got the look and comments.

  • Where would I even begin to find a patch?
  • You would look like a jerk.
  • Just go to Walmart and buy another pair.

I did the last option and am working on breaking in a new pair.  It’s not going well.

For a Sunday, I hope this brought you a smile and a memory you could share with us.

  • Did you ever wear patches on your jeans?
  • How long should a pair of jeans actually last?
  • Lees?  Levis?  Wranglers?  Marks?  Calvin Klein?  Do you have a brand loyalty?
  • Did you ever or do you wear a suit jacket with patches on the elbows for the university professor look?  (I had one when I started teaching; the kids weren’t fooled)
  • Would you ever wear blue jeans as part of your outfit if you were going somewhere formal?
  • How long do you figure the current ripped or distressed jean fashion will last?

Please have some fun with this and share your thoughts via comment below.

This is part of a regular Sunday feature here.  You can check out and comment on previous posts here.

Do you have an idea or thought that would be appropriate for my “Whatever happened to … ” series of blog posts?

Please visit this Padlet and add your idea.  It would be great to have it as an inspiration for a post!

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