Prompting with emojis

On Sunday, my morning reading included this post – Creative Writing with Emoji Prompts.  I thought it to be a cool concept.  Personally, I don’t tend to use emojis when I’m creating things but I recognize that many do.

And, for our students, it’s just a natural thing for them.  I thought I’d share it and tuck it away for myself if I ever need to revisit the concept.  As soon as the sun was up, Jaimie and I were out to put some steps behind us.  At a stop on the way, Jaimie gets to go off leash and release his inner inquiry.  Dog noses are amazing.  Not wishing to rush him, I pulled out my phone and re-read the blog post.  I still like the concept so I had time; I thought that I’d try out the link that was provided.  Sadly, it didn’t work!

A quick search and I found it.  I shared that new link just in case others had read the original message, tried it, got frustrated, and gave up.  In my mind, there are lots of reasons why you’d want to try this as a way of inspiring writers.

And, I tried it out…


It works as promised and deals up random emoji.  As I was worried that the original author had taken down the app, I wondered about alternative ways to generate a string of emoji.  And, perhaps even have a bit more control over what appears.

Here’s a great resource – iEmoji bills itself as an emoji keyboard for computers.  What would my American friends use, given this time of year?


Oh yes!  This works nicely too.

But you don’t even have to stray that far.  The options may be sitting there in your favourite word processor.  Just look to “insert” them.

Microsoft Word Online


Google Doc


The nice thing about having access and being connected is that there are often options to fit everyone’s different needs.


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