Still giftless

When I learned about Doodler, I thought I would give my lack of artistic gift another shot.  I mean, when you see someone who indeed as the gift, they make it look so easy.

If only I could…

And it seems to easy too.

Doodler picks an image from Flickr and all that you have to do is draw it.  The rules are pretty straight forward; you’re on a timer.  Two minutes is all that you have.

So, I grabbed my tablet and stylus and decided to see what I could do.


The only problem (well at least one of them) is that my car seems to have a flat tire.

As you can see, those who have the gift have nothing to worry about.

But, Doodler isn’t the only drawing experiment to play with when you back off the URL and get more.  Webchemy plays with symmetry and is more my speed.


It’s a great deal of fun.

Even for those of us who don’t have the gift.

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