On the drive


Yesterday was a travel day for me as I head to Niagara Falls for the Bring IT, Together Conference.  I’m on for a session at Minds on Media tomorrow morning.  Stephen Hurley and I will do our regular This Week in Ontario Show live from the floor.  We’re projecting to start at our regular 9:15 time slot.  If you’re interested, it’s available here.  Of course, if you can’t listen to it live, it will be available from the On Demand section and repeated a number of times over the next week.

It’s a long drive to get to Niagara Falls and I made it a bit longer by going to Fort Erie first.  It’s such a lovely place and the drive north on the Niagara Falls Parkway is spectacular.

On the drive, my mind is focused on the road, of course, but also I’m aware of everything that’s going on around me.

Things like:

  • I need gas!  The price in Amherstburg is $1.24.9 so I’ll take a chance that it’s cheaper in Essex and avoid going on the 401 for a bit.  No luck.  I bite the bullet and figure I’ll fill up in Tilbury when I stop for a coffee.  It’s never cheaper there but it is convenient.  It was my lucky day!  Gas was $1.18.9.
  • I’m driving along thinking about the blog posts that we’re going to feature on the show.  As always, it’s great and varied content.  I just wish that I could take notes and drive at the same time.  I hope that I remember…
  • Driving through the construction at Tilbury and Chatham and it’s starting to look like there’s light at the end of the tunnel for that construction.  The road is concrete which gives it a nice white look.  The lines are impressively painted on the road.  They’re white, of course, but they appear inside a black rectangle so that they really stand out.  How did they do that?
  • The construction zone is always a challenge.  Some people do the posted 80km/h but most just fly past at a faster speed.  Then, when they see a cruiser by the side of the road, they slam on the brakes.  Get a clue people – by the time you see them, they’ve already caught your speed.
  • I wish I could do a citizen’s arrest at times.  Even with all the signs and the warnings, there’s still people driving with a phone stuck to their ear or they’re texting.  I don’t know what is worse; those that continue at the high speed while distracted or those that slow down because they’re distracted.  Why not read the signs and note that the service stations are also text stops?  Free wifi too.
  • The nice thing about the conference being in November is the drive.  The trees are in all stages of getting ready for winter.  Some are bare; and the rest have all kinds of shades of yellow, orange, and red leaves.  If I was a passenger, I’d be taking picture.  It was another reason to get off the 401 and take highway 6 and 3.
  • Going through London makes me ask questions – what’s the point of the new Wonderland Road?  A friend of mine says that it’s the quickest way through London to the north end.  I tried it once; no way.  I pass Colonel Talbot road and wonder if he had some shady past that might come forward and start a demand for a name change to the road.
  • Trucks are a wonder.  I have been a passenger once and my friend who was driving showed me the effects of crosswinds, how you really feel the load, and how you absolutely can’t stop on a dime.  I’ve always given them lots of room and will slow, yield, and flash my lights for a driver that wants to pass.  It’s brutal looking in their rear view mirrors.  They don’t get paid enough.
  • My favourite hated driver are those that just have to get past you and then slow down.  Probably to take a call.  I enjoy my cruise control and I feel angry when I have to disable it for them.

I’m sure that there were more things but it’s great to be here.


Picture from my hotel room to prove I made it.

I had a chance to catch up with some friends tonight and look forward to more of it in the morning.

After writing this post, I better understand the “Just Rambling” tag!




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