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Wes Fryer recently wrote an interesting post that I think all should read.  It’s kind of a wandering trip through many things bloggy.  Embedded in his post is a terrific read from blogger CJ Chilvers.  “Seth Godin Explains Why You Should Blog Daily“.

And, I could stop there and that would be plenty of wisdom for a day.  But Wes continues and explains why he blogs.  There’s more great advice.

Then, in a turn that I didn’t see coming, he dips into the concept of reading other blogs.  I really think that he nails it when he compares letting Facebook determine what to read with taking charge of your own reading.  That’s where his “Ode to RSS” comes in from his post titled “Daily Blogging and an Ode to RSS”.

Oh yes, RSS.  Like most people, I used to use Google Reader and it was awesome.  Previously, I had just bookmarked my favourite blogs.  Google Reader truly was a game changer for me.  I don’t use that term lightly.

When Google decided to drop support, I felt like I had my legs kicked out from under me.  I tried some of the alternative RSS readers at the time and none of them really took.

At the time, I also tried new approaches.

  • Flipboard would take my RSS feed and create a magazine for me.  Still does but Flipboard controls the order that articles appear.
  • I decided to share at least a part of what I read with respect to Ontario Edubloggers and decided that a Livebinder would do the trick
  • I started to pay more attention to my Twitter feed to see what others were reading and sharing.  This was largely hit and miss.
  • I started to subscribe to blogs and have updates delivered to my email.  Talk about yer spamming yourself!
  • Then, I found the “Old Reader“.  It was the best thing to Google Reader that I could find that worked with the way I read.  I was back in business.

Right now, quite honestly, my sources for reading is a mixture of the above.  I find that I had put so much time and effort with each that I’m hesitant to drop any of them.

Time moves on and it’s probably not fair to wax about the good old days.  (That’s for a Sunday post).  But, Wes started it with his wonderful post.  I would encourage you to read it; he’s got both the sending and the receiving of content covered nicely.

How do you determine how you do your reading?

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