Attention Ontario Educators

Peter Beens (@pbeens) is looking for your input. Included in the wide range of services that the Ontario Teachers’ Federation provides, it supports the Ontario Curriculum Forum. The Forum includes memberships from all the Association supporting Ontario educators.  A listing of these associations with links to their respective websites is found here. So, back toContinue reading “Attention Ontario Educators”

OTR Links 06/07/2015 I’ve been reading @ShellTerrell ‘s book: 30 Goals for Teachers: This book can transform your life. #inspirational — Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth) June 6, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers: Small Steps to Transform Your Teaching (Paperback) – Routledge RT @sylviaduckworth: I’ve been reading @ShellTerrell ‘s book: 30 Goals forContinue reading “OTR Links 06/07/2015”