About Blogging Inspired by Two Sues

I had these two links copied to draft status on my blog.  I didn’t know how or when or even if I could use the two of them together.  They’re from two of my favourite Sue bloggers.

In both of these posts, they muse about blogging and its importance.  I found both of these posts very insightful and certainly have kept them around for personal inspiration.  The tipping point for joining them together in this post came from a Twitter message from Sue Bruyns yesterday.

She had forced herself to write a blog post a day for the month of May and was celebrating her success with a series of Twitter messages acknowledging those who had encouraged her with comments and thoughts.  One tribute even came in the form of a blog post – “Doing not just saying…Leading by Example“.

It reminds me of the quote – “That’s all there is and there ain’t no more”.  Hopefully, it doesn’t apply in Sue’s case; she does demonstrate the sort of leadership open thinking that people within her district really appreciate.

Sue Waters’ post suggests that it goes further and she offers a nice collection of reasons why educators might want to blog.  It’s the nature of the beast that teachers live in a world of assessment and evaluation.  Can the value of a blog be quantified?  Certainly, the Teach 100 list tries.  Check out their criteria for the number and ranking that they assign to blogs.  Does this extend Sue Waters’ original list?  Are educators competitive enough to try for a higher score?  It certainly is interesting but a little frustrating when you see blogs on the list that haven’t been updated in months.  Their rankings continue to be based on success from a time gone by.

Proponents of blogging in the classroom know the reasons students benefit – student voice, writing for an audience, you learn when you think and then create, presentation style, diversity of resources, applied research, and so much more.

Shouldn’t the same apply to educators?

I’d like to consider another reason.

As educators, we love curating resources using services like Diigo, Pinterest, Storify, Flipboard, …

But, where do we ever curate our own thoughts?  Where do we keep track of people who extend our thinking?

The answer, of course, is in your blog.  It’s the one spot that is uniquely YOU and YOUR thoughts.  They can end up in the most unexpected places.

As I mentioned in Sue Bruyns’ Thank you post, not every post is going to “knock it out of the park”.  “War and Peace” writing doesn’t happen daily.  But your thinking sure does.  Why not document it and open your thoughts up to discussion by colleagues?

Sue Waters definitely stirs the pot and thinking regularly with her entries.  Why shouldn’t we all be doing the same?

Thanks to my favourite Sues for the inspiration for this post.

And, here’s the big news!  Sue Bruyns has a blog post for June 1.  She’s hooked and continues to share her learning and her thoughts.

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