Attention Ontario Educators

Peter Beens (@pbeens) is looking for your input.

Included in the wide range of services that the Ontario Teachers’ Federation provides, it supports the Ontario Curriculum Forum.

The Forum includes memberships from all the Association supporting Ontario educators. 

A listing of these associations with links to their respective websites is found here.

So, back to Peter’s input – he’s interested in anonymous information about which associations you belong to.  He’s created an extremely short and quick survey you can complete by clicking here.  If you know him, don’t be surprised that it’s a Google Form.

It literally takes seconds to complete.

You may know of one or two associations and that information will be helpful to him.  You may be interested in checking out all of the associations at the big list

There may well be an association that you’re not currently a member of but would like to be…

Or, perhaps it’s time to see what resources your association is offering…

Or, you might want to contact the association for help with a particular item…

Or, you might want to get involved in a leadership role with an association…

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