Loyalty, Hopes, and Fan Boys

It’s tough to find anything but Apple news stories after the company announces new products or updates.  Every Fan Boy with a blog or access to an online publication is there to tell us how awesome and wonderful and how this is the biggest game changer ever.

I wasn’t disappointed this morning!

I have to smile because I’ve been bitten before.  iOS 8 was touted to be the greatest update ever.  So, I eventually did install the upgrade to get into the game and was so disappointed.  I tried a couple of the new keyboards but they didn’t compare to the swiping keyboard on my Android and they just seemed to suck up processing resources so they were gone.  In the meantime, just about every other application on my iPad gained issues.  Crashing is a regular way of life around here.  But, I still need my daily fix of Words with Friends to teach me humility so I persist.  I’ve reinstalled the iOS and done the standard sorts of things like restoring from backup, reinstalling apps, etc. but crashing and performance issues continue.  I guess it’s a small victory to read the support boards to find out that I’m not alone.  So, my big hope for iOS9 is that this gets fixed.

I did give in and read a couple of the stories about the biggest, latest, and greatest and hope that predictions of a better system come true.

One of the most interesting articles came from Tech Crunch.  It was titled “Everything Apple Is Trying To Kill With iOS 9“.  I was hoping that the answer was going to be performance issues, but instead, it was applications that have become a way of life from other developers.  Apple is releasing competing applications as part of its infrastructure.  Things like Google Now, Google Maps, Flipboard, Microsoft Surface….  There’s a good summary and I found the article very interesting.  It will be a real test of loyalty to the applications that you currently use.  Will you switch to the Apple version of things or will you maintain your current use?  Obviously, Apple is hoping that you’ll switch.  Provided, of course, you read the fine print.

I suspect that Apple has learned well from its initial release of Apple Maps and will have good working applications for this release.

Technology is a tough business.  You need to learn from others and up your game to surpass the competitors or at least play catch up.  From Cnet, “The iOS 9 features already available on Android“.

Why all of this frenzy?

If one thing we’ve learned about today’s connected world, you need to do your best to stay updated for security, performance and compatibility issues.

The best news is that this competition should make better applications for us all.  That, you can’t beat.

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