Everybody Loves Jen

I’m always interested in tracking my posts whenever I do an interview.  Watching the stats on my blog, they really do go up after the interview is posted.  I’m guessing it’s from interest to find the person behind the online persona. 

For whatever reason, it happens.

This past week, Jen Aston graciously agreed to an interview.  You can read it here if you’re interested or missed it.

This interview was no different.  The only thing, this time, I thought I would track the times that it was favourited and retweeted.  Those two actions show a little more involvement than simply reading the post.  Those stats are delivered via Twitter. 

It still doesn’t give me the numbers of those who visited the blog or read it via email but that’s OK.  That would be about this blog; that folks took the extra step to retweet or favourite is all about an interest in Jen.

While walking the dog, he suggested that I plot the locations from these people to see where they were from.  He’s never short of good ideas; it had been a while since I’d marked up a Google Map so why not?

Well, apparently, it had been a loooooong time since I’d done this.  The feature that I was looking for was no longer there.  So sad.

But, you can mark spots by bookmarking the locations so off I went.  Bookmarking marks the locations with a star.

Oh, this was a tedious process.  Out of exhaustion, I stopped but you get the idea!  Is that you behind one of those stars?  This was only a start; I did stop before getting through the Ontario connections and didn’t even think about expanding beyond the borders although that would have been a good exercise.

I’m glad that I did it to the extent that I did.  I did learn how to mark places (although Google remembers them for me and I’ll have to go back and remove them one by one.) 

It also enforces for me that there are great readers very interested in other Ontario Educators.  It’s obvious that Jen has made some connections through her work and recognition through #fslchat.

OTR Links 06/06/2015

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