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Always be reading….that’s me!  Here’s some of the great things from Ontario Educational Blogs I enjoyed this past week.

Educator spotlight: Erica Armstrong

There’s a great deal of value in being a Fly on the Wall of someone else’s classroom.

Follow Sylvia Duckworth as she goes on a road trip to Erica’s classroom to watch what’s happening there and to get ideas for her own class for the fall. Look for lots of pictures and focuses on doing them the right way – take the picture of the learning activity and not head and shoulders shots of the students.

Introducing Year of Code Waterloo Region #YoCWR

Susan Watt passed along this link.  Not tied to a specific classroom or school, the goal here is not an hour for a classroom, but a year for the community to learn coding.

It’s the perfect location.  I spent four years in Waterloo learning to code!

This is a really ambitious project.  How successful will it be?  You can subscribe to a mailing list to find out.  Not in Waterloo Region?  Look for the resources from the site.  The first is posted – Introduction to HTML Teen Toolkit.  (I got a 404 error when checking it out.  Hopefully, a momentary glitch or typo)

Report cards are not the problem here

This post by Ben Babcock kind of blew up Twitter and Facebook with shares and resharing.  I was part of it too – it showed up in my Flipboard reading stream.

The conclusion was similar to my conversation earlier this week while getting an oil change for my car.

I had hoped earlier that things would be resolved by now.  Now the discussions seem to be how schools will be affected in the fall.  Look for more posts on these topics in response to the masses sharing their thoughts on newspaper websites.  It could be a long summer.

Some Questions About Periscope in the Classroom

Periscope is one of the more recent applications available to all and, as Andrew Campbell notes, there are the early adopters who may well be seeing if it has a place in the classroom.  Broadcasting is something that is quite common and used to fit specific purposes.  I recall giving the keynote at EdCampSWO and having it simulcast at EdCampLondon.  It was rather easy on my part; I just did my thing and technology made it happen.  I know that a couple of friends of mind would be in London and made an attempt to include reference to them.  In that respect, it was an intentional action.  What happens when you broadcast without thinking through all of the issues?

Andrew takes on Student Privacy and asks about the Bigger Message in all of this.  I tried to explain what I see as the bigger message in our digitally consuming society.

It’s a good read if you’re considering going down that path.

As it would happen, there was a news report as I was working on this post this morning – the US Open has banned the use of Periscope.  I could see concerns from the broadcaster about their proprietory licensing but also the image that’s given to the public of the sport.  I recall walking the course once for a competition to see one of the golfers head into the trees to have a smoke.  That’s the sort of image that doesn’t make it to television.  There really are huge things to think through if you’re going to create your own reality television channel.

5 Significant Influences

Jennifer Aston has a post this week that could well take off as a meme with the right folks.  

My last post on 5 significant events had me further reflecting this week.  What 5 significant events or people have influenced me as an educator?  How neat would it be to do this in a room full of educators and see what commonalities come out?  What would that say about where we are in education?

My first reaction was this would be a no brainer.  Then, I tried to narrow it down to five for myself.  This isn’t an easy task.

Check out Jennifer’s five.

Does it inspire you to do five of your own?

What another great collection of thoughts and shares from Ontario Edubloggers.  I hope that you take the time to read these originals in their entirety and check out the entire collection at this link.

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