Barn Doors and Tracking

A couple of days ago, I saw a retweet from a colleague who focuses on the negative educational things online about a new post from Audrey Watters “(Why) Does Your Education Website Collect Information about Visitors?“.  I read her article and, as usual, it’s well crafted and raises good issues along with concrete examples.  SheContinue reading “Barn Doors and Tracking”

OTR Links 03/22/2015

Doug Peterson on Twitter: “Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Monarchy via @LearnistTweets” Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Monarchy via @LearnistTweets — Doug Peterson (@dougpete) March 21, 2015 tags: IFTTT Twitter Doug Peterson on Twitter: “March Night Sky Madness via @LearnistTweets” March Night Sky Madness via @LearnistTweets reading “OTR Links 03/22/2015”