Between the Ferns with Doug Peterson

I was the beneficiary of Sylvia Duckworth’s latest creation.  Well, at least some of my interviews were.

As I’ve noted, she’s on fire lately drawing her #sketchnotes of various things.  Here latest effort includes some of the memorable quotes from interviews that have been posted to this blog.  She waded her way through and pulled out quotes from eight of them:

Here’s her latest piece of artwork.


I was honoured that her interest turned to creating one to celebrate all of the terrific quotes that have been an important part of the interviews.

You can check out all of her works in this Flipboard document.

As for the title of the document “Between the Ferns with Doug Peterson”, ….

…. I have no idea!



  1. Reblogged this on Vicky Loras's Blog and commented:
    We’ve been…sketchnoted!

    Sylvia Duckworth, a great educator from Canada, has been posting her sketchnotes on social media and they are superb! One of them includes quotes from teachers who have been interviewed on Doug Peterson’s blog. Thank you so much for including me, Sylvia!


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