Super Ontario Educators Edition

If your memory is long, you may recall that I ended up becoming addicted to the 2048 game.  I looked and I blogged about it last March.  Has it really been that long?

I even played a hack of the game and got a nasty comment from Andy Forgrave about it. 

The original is on my phone and it’s a great timewaster and one of the go-to things while waiting service here and there.  It’s a great deal quieter than Bejeweled Blitz.

The other night, I was doing some work with one eye on my Twitter stream when this Twitter message from Andy goes flying by.


You’ll notice that it already had two retweets by the time I got to capturing it.  Super Ontario Educators  Edition?  You’ve got to be intrigued by that.

It turns out that the site usvsth3m lets you modify their code to create your own game.  In this case, Andy has created his own version of 2048 by replacing the numbered tiles in the original game with Twitter images from some Ontario Educators.  That’s certainly an interesting twist.  As it turns out, now that the other eye is on the Twitter stream, lots of people are trying it out.  Apparently, I’m late to the game so I dig in.

It’s certainly interesting to see so many friends with their images in the game. 

I will admit that I grow tired of seeing the lovely Zoe’s image over and over and over again!  Peter’s not much better!


So, courtesy of Andy, I now have a new time waster on my hands. 

Supposedly, I’m in there somewhere.  I just haven’t found me yet. 

Maybe some day.

This might be the learning that helps me beat the original game.  Confluence of strategy and luck, don’t you know?

Thanks, Andy.  You can play his Super Ontario Educators Edition here.


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