Two Apps to Fly With

It may well be that, when you read this, I will be on my flight from Detroit to Philadelphia for the ISTE 2011 Conference.  When I fly, I like to have a device to play with – preferably one that also plays music while I’m interacting with it.  I’ve got lots of music so that’s covered.  In the past, I’ll open up Mahjongg or Backgammon to keep me busy.

But, for this flight, I’ve got a couple of new applications.  The first one is the official ISTE app.  While it works best with some sort of connectivity to pull in live data, I switch on airplane mode on my iPad and there’s enough there for a little browsing.  While I still hold with my planning schema that I shared yesterday, I may do a little browsing around looking a what I can read offline.  It appears to be a very comprehensive application and it may well prove to be invaluable throughout the conference.

But, that’s truly serious and almost like work.  So, I’ve also include a game to take along with me.  There’s a new game application that hit many people’s radar recently.  It’s called Boogie Woogie.  When I first read about it, I downloaded it and loaded it to play and see what all the hub bub was about.  After about 30 seconds, I gave up.  It seemed too simple and the blocks on the screen reminded me of graphics programming on the TRS-80.

However, from boredom the other night, I decided to give it another shot before deleting it.  I made a commitment to myself to at least complete a level.  And, I did.  Now, I’m hooked on this silly game.  It really does have a silly premise – aim, fire, climb, try to get around the bad guys.  But, after a couple of levels, I’ve got the body language going and thinking bad words to myself as I try to get over the next level.  Translated – this is a really interesting and engaging application.

My only fear is that the person sitting next to me on the plane may end up with an elbow to the ribs as I work to improve scores on the “Level of the Week”.

Both applications should keep me engaged for the flight and, but if you’re looking for a couple of new ones yourself, give these a shot!

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