If you need proof…

…that it’s a whole new world courtesy of technology, all that you have to do is follow the outbreak after the Boston Bruins / Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup final.  By now, everyone knows of the disgusting riot that broke out after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.

The Vancouver Sun has been a good source of information regarding the aftermath of the event.  The latest theory is that the event is the result of anarchists.  Regardless, the Sun is reporting all angles on the story and their website top stories almost 100% are focused on this.

One of the stories is entitled “The 40 most dramatic photos of the Vancouver riots“.  In the story, you can see some of the awful things that happened.  What’s interesting is the subtitle to the story “The best photos from our photographers and readers.”  Therein lies the interest.  As you look at the photos, don’t just focus on the action in the image.  Look at the background.  In almost every picture, you’ll see a citizen with a phone taking a picture.

Like nowhere else, citizen photographers have the opportunity to help police identify those who were involved.  If you were in the crowd and took a picture, you could of course, email it to the police.  But, there are even more avenues.

There is a Facebook page created devoted to identifying those involved.  If you were there and took a picture, you’re invited to upload the images to the page.

A similar source is available on Tumblr.

The subtitle here is important “Anonymous crime in a Web 2.0 world? I don’t think so!”

Or, a website that pops up titled “Identify the Rioters“.

A quick look through both of these resources reveal some pretty damning images.  It should be fairly easy for the police to identify those in the photos.

We’ve seen evidence of citizen journalism in world events before.  The plane landing in the Hudson River is probably the incident most familiar.  But, now, Web 2.0 steps up to the plate with this event.  It is a reminder that it’s a changing world and that privacy is not something to be taken for granted.  Technology once again proves itself to be a great enabler.

Perhaps that thought should go through people’s minds before they decide to go ahead and turn over a car or break a window to gain entrance to loot a store.  Vancouver is a wonderful city and the citizens and Canuck fans deserve better.  Hopefully, through these efforts, those involved will be made accountable.

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