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Little things

This morning, I was reading the blog posts for the This Week in Ontario Edublogs, watching the morning news, and eating breakfast when I got a notification on this Chromebook that there was an update. I’m on the Beta Channel and Google wanted me to upgrade to version 104.0.5112.23.

What the heck? It only takes a minute or two and it’s nice to be running the latest and greatest. If there are bugs to be fixed, this is the place to go! If there are new features to be had, I want them. They call it being on the bleeding edge.

Now, having said all that, usually I don’t get to use the updates right away. Often, they’re a feature or a problem that I didn’t know I needed.

Upon rebooting, I noticed that things looked a bit different. It took me a minute or two but finally I noticed it. It was another icon on my shelf.

29? 29 what?

This was pre-coffee so excuse me for being a bit slow.

Today is June 29. Did they just add a calendar there? I’ve always had a bookmarked shortcut for that. A click revealed that, sure enough, there was a calendar!

Now, don’t be too excited about all the dots. I do have a regular Wednesday ahead.

The little flyout is a bit less intrusive than having the calendar open in an application or in another tab. So, that’s good.

The release notes indicated that there’s easier access to settings and a screen saver. I don’t really have a need for a screen saver but I set one anyway.

The “What’s New” isn’t updated as I write this so I don’t know what else I might just have acquired. Time will tell.

Or exploration.


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