When I’m sixty-four

Actually, this post isn’t about 64.

When I’m 80, I plan to be barbequing hamburgers for the family like I do every summer on my birthday. What do you do if you’re Sir Paul McCartney and you’re turning 80? You play a concert!

Thanks to the internet, it was captured and shared. And, when you’re playing in Bruce Springsteen’s backyard, why not have him on stage! And, how about a duet with Jon Bon Jovi?

I listened and thoroughly enjoyed the concert. It got me thinking – what are my favourite Paul McCartney songs? I looked here for a big list and I chose six.

Got to add my Bruce Springsteen favourite or two to this list.

and Bon Jovi… (I know the first is a cover but it’s a great cover)

How did I do?

Do you have better suggestions?


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