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  • A whirlwind of operating systems

    We all knew that it was coming. Microsoft has officially stopped selling its Windows 10 Operating system. Microsoft Stopped Selling Windows 10, But You Can Find It Elsewhere My home office, such that it is, is mostly powered by a computer that came with Windows 10 pre-installed. I honestly never really felt that human-computer connection… Continue reading

  • Little things

    This morning, I was reading the blog posts for the This Week in Ontario Edublogs, watching the morning news, and eating breakfast when I got a notification on this Chromebook that there was an update. I’m on the Beta Channel and Google wanted me to upgrade to version 104.0.5112.23. What the heck? It only… Continue reading

  • Lacros

    As a result of the latest Google announcements, there has been a lot of talk about the Lacros browser. It’s freely available to test so, if you know me, I was all over it. After all, you can’t have too many browsers on your computer! In this case, it’s on the Chromebook. This is interesting… Continue reading

  • It’s fixed

    If you’re a follower of mine, you know that I’ve been complaining and unhappy about one thing in my Chromebook. In Twitter, during replies or looking at my private messages, the text has been pixelated for quite some time. I wrote about it in one of my Sunday summary posts. Technology Troubleshooting I have this… Continue reading

  • Some Chromebook dark things

    One of the defaults on my Chromebook drove me crazy. Everything was so bright that it was almost painful to use in low light conditions, particularly in the evenings. For years, I’ve had Windows and Macintosh OS display things in dark mode. I just find it so much easier on the eyes. A long time… Continue reading