I’ve got to give a big shout-out to Adam Levine for opening this rabbit hole for me this morning. It’s a collection of 3D imagery from the Smithsonian Institute.

There’s nothing like picking up an object and looking at it with various angles. We do that all the time in stores and other places. With this link, you can do the same sort of thing on your computer screen.

At https://3d.si.edu, you have access to a huge collection of things to pick up and spin. I tried a bunch and settled on this screen capture of the space shuttle to include here.

I played with it first on my phone but then switched to a computer with a mouse to get a finer control over what I was doing. It was just amazing. Don’t forget to open the tools menu and play with the settings there for even more exploration.

He’s filed it under a category of Cool Tech which opens yet another worm hole.

This, folks, is why you follow cool people.

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OTR Links 06/25/2022

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